Weight No More uses the latest technology, the M6 Key Module from LPG which we have found to produce the highest results. Sessions are performed by a highly trained and experienced female technician in a private treatment room.


Each Endermologie session is 35 minutes long and covers the entire body. Endermologie sessions should be taken at least twice a week to start. Most women start seeing results between 2 - 6 sessions. The average woman needs 10 - 18 sessions to get the total results they want. A good diet and exercise will help facilitate results, but water is the key to Endermologie and it is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day in order to get optimal results.


Since everyone's body is different it may be helpful to look at the before and after pictures of clients that we have at our centers. The pictures show women with a variety of body types and ages and the number of sessions they went through. The

pictures are amazing and you will be impressed with the results of these clients.


 Once you achieve your desired results, you may want to come back once a month or every couple of months for maintenance sessions. The toning and inch loss will be more permanent as long as you maintain a good diet and drink water. However, cellulite is genetic and hormonal and results are more temporary. If you start noticing some cellulite coming back you may want to get a treatment done to maintain your results. Many clients have said that after having Endermologie done that their cellulite never came back as bad even without maintenance sessions.

1346 Silver Ln, Coaraopolis, PA

1346 Silver Ln, Coaraopolis, PA

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