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Weight No More uses the latest technology, the 2015 Cellu M6 Integral from LPG, which will produce the fastest and best results. Sessions are performed by a certified female technician in a private treatment room.  An Endermologie suit is required to be worn during the treatment and can be purchased at the Center.


​Each Endermologie session is 15-35 minutes long and covers targeted areas or the entire body. Endermologie sessions should be taken at least twice a week to start. Most women start seeing results between 2 - 6 sessions. The average woman needs 10 - 20 sessions to get the total results they want. A good diet and exercise will help facilitate results, but water is the key to Endermologie and it is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day in order to get optimal results.



Once optimal results are achieved,  many clients choose to continue on with coming once a month or every couple months for a maintenance session in order to maintain results. 

1346 Silver Ln, Coaraopolis, PA

1346 Silver Ln, Coaraopolis, PA

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